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Financial Services Designed to Meet Your Needs

Employment Opportunities

Glens Falls National offers a variety of checking products created with you in mind, to meet your financial needs and work with your daily schedule. We would be happy to provide you with additional information on any of our services and help you find the best checking account to serve your needs. Please call any of our 27 offices or 793-4121 or contact us through our website.


Internet Checking — The most convenient, no-fuss checking account you could have. There is no minimum
deposit required, no direct deposit required, no monthly maintenance fee, no per check fee, no fee to receive monthly online statements, no fee for online bill payment service and a no-annual fee Visa“ Check Card.

Pacesetter Plus Interest — An interest bearing account that requires only a modest balance to avoid service charges and earn interest. Free first order of 200 Basic Wallet style checks, a no-annual fee Visa“ Check Card.

Regular / Easy Way — A non-interest bearing, beneficial relationship checking account. Low monthly service charges can be avoided with a required minimum balance in either a regular checking or savings account.

Checkmaster — A non-interest checking account with no minimum balance to maintain and a no-annual fee Visa“ Check Card, low per check and monthly maintenance fees.

Club 50 / Direct Deposit — A non-interest, no minimum balance checking account with no per check fee and no service charge fee with direct deposit.

Newcomer Checking — A one-year free Regular Checking Account is available to new mortgage customers who request an automatic deduction for their monthly mortgage payments.

Bounce Back — A non-interest, no minimum balance, no per check charge on the account with low monthly
maintenance fee.

Money Market / Platinum / Platinum Plus / Diamond — Tiered interest bearing accounts with minimum deposit required to open and to avoid monthly maintenance and per check fees.